Native Access 2 is the latest version of the software used to activate the Virtual Drumline library (and any other Native Instruments based software). Since VDL 2.5 is an older "legacy" product, activating with Native Access v2 may sometimes fail. This will depend on a number of factors related to your system (OS, processor type, etc.).

Other times, upon activating your VDL library, you may experience an error message stating "That path is invalid."

That path is invalid (error message in Native Access 2)

Native Instruments provides a "how to fix this" article, that may provide some ideas, but depending on your system, this may not ultimately solve the problem.

Instead, a more reliable workaround may be to downgrade to Native Access 1. Mac users can also choose to keep both Native Access 1 & 2 on the same machine.

Here is a quick video tour of Native Access 2, and how activating in Native Access 1 can be a good workaround if v2 isn't cooperating.

We will continue to monitor how Native Access 2 evolves, and in particular how it handles older libraries like VDL 2.5. Fortunately, once VDL is activated, it continues to function very well in later versions of Kontakt.