VDL template 7.0a - Where to put the XML??

Hey y'all,

So I got, more or less, to the end of the VDL installation process.

I got the template files for mapping the sounds. But, like I've ran into with a lot of these instructions, they are slightly outdated and I don't think quite relate to current versions. For context, I'm on Windiws 10 using Sibelius Ultimate.

The step I'm at: 

I got Kontakt connected to Sibelius and I am trying to create the sound set (Pg. 6 of the instruction document I attached). But, like I said, I am operating with Sibelus Ultimate and I think the file pathway is different. It is telling me to put the XML file in a specific folder that does no exist. I tried just messing around with putting the XML file in different locations, but no location made the VDL 7.0a set appear as a sound set in the next step (Pg. 7).

Does anyone know where I am supposed to put this XML file? 

Sib 7: C:\Users\your username\AppData\Roaming\Avid\Sibelius 7\Sounds

Maybe it's because I installed it digitally through the Avid app or whatever, who knows. But I do not have an AppData folder or Roaming folder

My pathway to Sib would be C:/ProgramFiles/Avid/Sibelius/ - then there is a "Sounds" folder with other XML files, but when I put the VDL 7.0a.xml in there, it did not show up as a sound set.

Not sure what my moves are at this point.


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